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>I haven't seen Escaflowne yet, so I'll talk about Sailormoon
>instead. In Sailormoon, most of the senshi have the right to
>be lesbians because:
>1) There ain't enough significant gorgeous guys for all of them.
>2) Aside from Usagi and Rei, which of the other senshi have a
> special guy in their lives?
>3) This is what happens if a girl hangs out with lesbians (Haruka
> and Michiru) too often. I guess it's kinda contagious ^^;

        Dearie, you obviously haven't seen the manga. and are you implying that
being a lesbian is a disease? Also, if they have the right to be lesbians,
then wouldn't the g-boys have the right as well? also, the argument for
usagi and heero would be kinda the same, and that never stopped some
villains in the manga from going after Sailormoon anyway, even if they were
women. Sailormoon was also meant to be gender-ambiguous, since it does
incorporate a lot of eroticism and even some aspects of yuri into it.
Sailormoon was my final papaer for college, and believe me, my friends and
I bled it dry for all it was worth.

>> >>Yeah, that's why I said that Heero and company should've starred in
>> >as bishonen-ai or a shojo anime instead of a Gundam one.
>> But they didn't.
>That's why I said they "should've" been...

        actually, come to think of it, they have! It's GW! LOL!

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