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>Here is my ON-topic post:
>In the original Gundam series (still my favorite), what was the
>significance of Mirai Yashima's family? I have a vague memory about her
>father's death ending the hope of a quick resolution to the war, but I'm
>not sure of the particulars. In short, how did her father die, and how
>did it affect the One Year War? Any takers?

I hadn't heard this one before. The Yashimas were a wealthy faamily and
Mirai had a civilian space pilot's license on account of her experience
with the family's space yacht, but they weren't as elite as, say, the Noah
family, because they had to emigrate from Earth circa UC 0072. They lived
in Side 2 (L4), which was laid to waste by the Zeon during their initial
NBC attack in the first week of the One Year War.

I can't find anything in the Gundam movie trilogy to account for Mirai's
presence in Side 7 (L3), except perhaps as a refugee from Side 2.

The novelization is completely different. Here, all of the Gundam regulars
are already in the Federation military when "Sha" attacks Side 7. "Mirai
Yashima, the young warrant officer standing in as helmsman, was part of the
same student group mobilized into military service as Brite. ... Almost
everyone on the Pegasus was inexperienced. The ship's normal chain of
command had been wiped out earlier...." (pg. 48)

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