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>> Yes, and all of the non-winning entries will be grist for the mill in
>> deciding the next round of releases.
>> For now, I predict Gundam F91 and 08th MS Team as the two new releases.
>What are your reasons for your prediction? I hope that didn't sound rude, I
>am just curious why you think those two will be released. I have only seen
>Wing, so that's why I ask that.

Gundam F91 has already been done and was, in fact, shopped around
conventions even before the Gundam trilogy, 0080 and 0083 were released.
Why keep it on the shelf any longer when you can use it to give the
American audience a taste of where Gundam is going 44 years down the road?

08th MS Team is the last of the One Year War stories, is fresh out of the
chute and is the grittiest Gundam story to date. It's set in the same
milieu as the current releases and bridges nicely between Gundam/Gundam
0080 and Gundam 0083. It's also about the same number of eps at 0083,
giving them a similar span of time from initial release to the next batch
of Gundam tapes.

I believe they'll try to wrap up the One Year War and give a glimpse of the
other end of the UC timeline, then start filling in between. CCA will be
in the next release, occuring as it does midway between the One Year War
and F91.


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