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> No, personally I think it will be the original TV series. The whole
> TV
> series is currently being re-released onto video in Japan, with the first
> one
> released on June 25. These videos are only for rental and cannot be
> purchased.
> Anyway, there has been some rumours among gundam fans in Japan that Sunrise
> intend to re-release the TV series on a global scale. Personally I believe
> this
> to be true and AnimeVillage will release the TV series to co-incide with the
> Japanese release.
> Another note : I do not think it would be too difficult for AnimeVillage to
> release a large TV series. They easily released Escaflowne which was 26
> episodes.
> So just think of the Gundam TV series as two Escaflowne series - then it all
> seems possible.

Hmm, that's interesting. I have never heard of this before. The original TV
series wasn't listed as a possible choice.

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