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No, personally I think it will be the original TV series. The whole original TV
series is currently being re-released onto video in Japan, with the first one
released on June 25. These videos are only for rental and cannot be purchased.
Anyway, there has been some rumours among gundam fans in Japan that Sunrise
intend to re-release the TV series on a global scale. Personally I believe this
to be true and AnimeVillage will release the TV series to co-incide with the
Japanese release.

Another note : I do not think it would be too difficult for AnimeVillage to
release a large TV series. They easily released Escaflowne which was 26 episodes.
So just think of the Gundam TV series as two Escaflowne series - then it all
seems possible.

Anyway theres my oppinion. wrote:

> As AnimeVillage haven't actually released a TV series Gundam...only the OVAs
> and Gundam i think it'll be 8th MS for certain (ish), then F91 or
> Char's...
> Can you really see them releasing a 49 part series?...they're not exactly a
> massive company...unlike Pioneer who can afford to release all of Fushigi
> Yuugi for example...
> Seeya chaps...
> ~Dave
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