Mon, 28 Jun 1999 18:24:04 EDT

<< >How and where did you buy those tapes? >>

I know fansubs are discouraged, but as no commercial Gundam anime is released
here (in england), there's not much else i can do.
I got 0080 from my anime club organiser, 0083 from a friend in america, 8th
MS Team from "Yuri Distribution"...a UK based distro...same with Gundam X.
ONe more thing....i got all my Gundam Wing videos (all episodes) from another
UK based fansubber... and generously donated them to Sekihou Gumi (USA based
distro), so all you fab americans could see the remaining parts that were
never subbed outside of UK.
(http://members.xoom.com/fansub127/list.htm if anyone's interested)...

There ya go...

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