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>Haven't you read Tabby-san's previous message? It was about this
>"yaoi giving a wrong impression" thing... why is it only me everyone's
>ranting at? :(
>Violetto the Storm Angel

        Because you started it?
        Honestly speaking I couldn't care less about yaoi or yuri. It is
your individual preference.. But I do mind when the discussions turn from
things like model kits and series comments to sensitive discussion like the
"benefits" of yaoi or yuri.. and then refuse to die because pple insist on
talking about it. (Not only directed at you, BTW.)

        This ML is nice enough to let people talk about OT topics like Star
Wars and is fairly tolerant of boo-boos by listees. But certain things are
taboo/off-limits, and I think the topic of yaoi/yuri should be one of them.

        I realised that I may have seemed a bit harsh in this reply, but the
topic is seriously bugging me. I mean, I take Gundam's (or for that matter
any anime) yaoi and yuri bent as it is presented.. It doesn't matter to me
that much, it's such icing, whereas I'm probably more interested in the
story and/or mecha.

        Personally, I'll like this topic dead and buried so deep, even Turn
A can't dig it up. Let's just bury this thread, shall we? NOI, just want to
put an end to a topic that is senseless and pointless to me.

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