Veilchen & Violetto (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 13:03:47 GMT

> p.s.
> are you a she or a he Snapdragon?
> it's really hard to tell with your name and all...
> She, she^^ Snapdragon just happens to be the name of my favorite
>growing up.

Speaking of favorite flowers, that's also true with me... Actually,
"veilchen" is German for "violets", my favorite flower, and also
happens to be the flower for the month of my birthday ^^;

> Veilchen and Violetto is a guy^^ And I think just one...I know him
>the yyh ml, where we went through the same thing. That time he really got
>about 2/3 of the list enraged and started a flame war with something he
> -Snapdragon

I'm flattered... but I don't think you really have to tell this ML
about my heroic exploits... heh heh, just kidding ^^ Anyway, I can
see I'm very memorable to you. I almost regret having to exchange
flames with you back in the YYH ML, and even having almost did once
again in this ML. Sorry for all the trouble everyone, please forgive
me... most especially you, Snap ^_-

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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