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> Uh-huh, just like people writing yuri fics involving sailormoon females
>and escaflowne females -- which I've seen. so what's the diff?

I haven't seen Escaflowne yet, so I'll talk about Sailormoon
instead. In Sailormoon, most of the senshi have the right to
be lesbians because:

1) There ain't enough significant gorgeous guys for all of them.
2) Aside from Usagi and Rei, which of the other senshi have a
    special guy in their lives?
3) This is what happens if a girl hangs out with lesbians (Haruka
    and Michiru) too often. I guess it's kinda contagious ^^;

> >>No, the units don't play that big of a role. Most yaoi authors are
> >>and they tend to not be interested in this aspect.
> >>Yeah, that's why I said that Heero and company should've starred in
> >as bishonen-ai or a shojo anime instead of a Gundam one.
> But they didn't.

That's why I said they "should've" been...

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