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> F-91 is because it has already been translated, plus you don't need any
> backstory to really understand. Unlike, say, Char's Counterattack, which
> knowing about Zeta Gundam helps.
> As for 08th MS team, it fits into the same timeline as their other releases
> (the movies and 0080). The fact that it's more of a recent release helps.
> Finally it's only an OVA series. (Bandai seems to have a lot of TV series
> on their planned right now. Maybe in 6 months or so they can start adding
> TV series again.)

Oh, okay. I see what you and Z mean. It does make sense, but who knows what
Bandai's plans are! :) F91 was already translated?!? I didn't know that it
was translated, only that it was shown at a convention. 08th MS Team makes a
lot of sense. Since it ties into the Gundam already released.


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