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>> Yes, and all of the non-winning entries will be grist for the mill in
>> deciding the next round of releases.
>> For now, I predict Gundam F91 and 08th MS Team as the two new releases.
>What are your reasons for your prediction? I hope that didn't sound rude, I
>am just curious why you think those two will be released. I have only seen
>Wing, so that's why I ask that.

Interestingly, those were my choices also.

F-91 is because it has already been translated, plus you don't need any
backstory to really understand. Unlike, say, Char's Counterattack, which
knowing about Zeta Gundam helps.

As for 08th MS team, it fits into the same timeline as their other releases
(the movies and 0080). The fact that it's more of a recent release helps.
Finally it's only an OVA series. (Bandai seems to have a lot of TV series
on their planned right now. Maybe in 6 months or so they can start adding
TV series again.)

Of course what I really WANT is Zeta Gundam....

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