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>>> >Anymore questions? What's with all this yaoi talk? Are all the guys in
>>> >Gundam gay? *innocent question!* ^_^"
>>> >~Shinji Ikari
>>You see!? This is exactly what I mean. All these yaoi stuff gives
>>the newbies a rather wrong impression of the characters ~_~
>>Supposing a person who doesn't know about GW sees a site about
>>Heero-Duo site or fanfic, immediately, they will think that GW
>>is all about mechas and gay relationships. And unless they get
>>deeper into GW, they wouldn't know that the Heero-Duo thing
>>is purely fan-fiction. Sheesh...
>>Well, this is a different thread, so I guess it's okay. Sorry
>>Snapdragon, I just had to take this opportunity to point out
>>this real-life example of how yaoi's misleading the newbies.
>>Violetto the Storm Angel
> And have you asked if that person prefers that or not? what is wrong
>impression? jeez, GW was made totally ambiguous so that people would
>assume whatever based on their market segmentation. It's not a matter of
>right or wrong impression, but a matter of what people want to see. Which
>pretty much applies to everything else.
>"Magic is the hand of faith..."
>Richard Ramos

Err...I second that^^ Violetto, if you want to continue this discussion,
feel free to email me personally.

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