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>> >Anymore questions? What's with all this yaoi talk? Are all the guys in
>> >Gundam gay? *innocent question!* ^_^"
>> >~Shinji Ikari
>You see!? This is exactly what I mean. All these yaoi stuff gives
>the newbies a rather wrong impression of the characters ~_~
>Supposing a person who doesn't know about GW sees a site about
>Heero-Duo site or fanfic, immediately, they will think that GW
>is all about mechas and gay relationships. And unless they get
>deeper into GW, they wouldn't know that the Heero-Duo thing
>is purely fan-fiction. Sheesh...
>Well, this is a different thread, so I guess it's okay. Sorry
>Snapdragon, I just had to take this opportunity to point out
>this real-life example of how yaoi's misleading the newbies.
>Violetto the Storm Angel

        And have you asked if that person prefers that or not? what is wrong
impression? jeez, GW was made totally ambiguous so that people would
assume whatever based on their market segmentation. It's not a matter of
right or wrong impression, but a matter of what people want to see. Which
pretty much applies to everything else.

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