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>This is my first post to the Gundam ML, I have a little question (please
>don't get mad!) Is gundam really good?

Everyone here thinks at least one of the Gundam shows is good, else we
wouldn't be here. But few agree on which Gundam is best, which makes for
lively debates.

Rating Gundam against another show is even more problematic.

>I've also heard/read that there is alot of series and spin-offs/OAVs to the
>show. How long has it been running? Is it still running in Japan? How many
>series is there? How many ep's? After every series is there a new set of

You'll find the answers to most of your questions at The Gundam Project:


>Where should a newbie like me, start? And where do you get GUNDAM? Is it
>avalible in the USA? Is the dub good, or should I stick with subtitled?
>Fansubs? Where is a good place to get fansubs?

The Gundam Project is probably the best place to get started. As to
fansubs, we don't discuss them here due to legal issues, but you can find
any number of fansub Websites simply by typing "fansub" into any decent
search engine.

>Anymore questions? What's with all this yaoi talk? Are all the guys in
>Gundam gay? *innocent question!* ^_^"

No one in Gundam is openly gay, but there are a number of characters
throughout the series whose demeanor and interaction with other characters
have fueled fan speculation, which finds its greatest expression in fan

But, to reiterate, there has never been any portrayal of homosexuality of
any kind anywhere in Gundam. There have been shower and bath scenes for
both sexes, there have been pretty boys and tough gals, there had been
unexpected nudity and even some humiliation, but every overtly sexual
reference has been heterosexual.

Anything and everything else has been strictly in the eye of the beholder....


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