Snapdragon (
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 11:24:47 -0500

and about Snapdragon-- i guess he/she just admires yaoi... but there are
    yaoi fics
    that are gross but i'm not using that against yaoi lovers... i guess
they just
    love seeing
    two guys together...

    Hai^^ I agree. I like yaoi only if it's given justification and is
tastefully done. There are some writers out there that give the good ones a
bad name, you know.^^

    And those are the writers that I admire^^

    are you a she or a he Snapdragon?
    it's really hard to tell with your name and all...

    She, she^^ Snapdragon just happens to be the name of my favorite flower
growing up.

    umm and you too Veilchen and Violetto... (are you two or just one?)

    Veilchen and Violetto is a guy^^ And I think just one...I know him from
the yyh ml, where we went through the same thing. That time he really got
about 2/3 of the list enraged and started a flame war with something he


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