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> Wow, which Yaohan do you go to? The ones around me are rather
> pathetic
> Gundam-wise.

What's a Yahoan? {g}

> as a TV series. After that Gundam kinda went downhill with new TV
> series
> almost every year (G, Wing, X...) without the creator's blessing or

Of course, 'downhill' is subjective. Some people like (or love *raises
eyebrows at the GW Guy dolls littering the place*) Wing, I adore X... I
haven't seen anyone who's said anything about G yet so I can assume it's
not too great, yeah? =)

> Gundam X TV series, about 52 episodes?

39, unfortunately. I'm developing a storyline for an X fanfic. {g} (I
think X would have worked a bit better if they'd placed it in the far
future instead of an alternate time line. I mean, 'Seventh Space War'
implies *ancient* history... That's what I'm basing it on. {g})

> I can assure you that, as far as I know, there are no gay guys in
> Gundam.

I'll just avoid this entire messy business but put my 2c in that I
wouldn't care if there were gay characters in Gundam. (And note I'm
happily engaged to a wonderful woman, so don't think I have a vested
interest in this topic. {g})

skeizer (the gnome)

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