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Sun, 27 Jun 1999 13:10:13 GMT

To Thea:

Well, thanks for not taking sides. I promised Snapdragon that my
previous message would be the last I say on this thread, but I
guess I owe you a reply. Well, I'm not gonna say anything more
about yaoi and it's fans other than I just generally hate it.
By the way, I'm a guy. Thanks again for understanding my opinions :)

Veilchen the Thunderangel

Yeah... a promise is a promise, and eventhough I'm Veilchen's evil
twin, I still do good at that. Yaoi is kinda interesting sometimes,
but what Veilchen really hates is when his buddies (Kurama, Wufei,
Kaworu, etc... etc...) are portrayed in a rather "undignified"
situation. That's all I could say. Oh, and I'm a guy too. Thanks
for everything :)

Violetto the Storm Angel

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