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>> >08th MS TEAM
>> >GUNDAM F-91
>> >
>> There should really be only one answer for a Gundam fan:
>> All of them. ^_^
>I read the rules at AV.Com and they are only releasing two of the above
>Gundam titles. How you win the contest is by correctly guessing the two new
>Gundam titles. IMO, They will release them all eventually.

        I knew that, I was just joking. ^_^ My guess (for what its
worth, I'm not allowed to enter, boo-hoo! ^_^) would be that it'll be
8th MS team - modern and easy to fit in, and Turn-A Gundam, which
doesn't seem to require too much knowledge of, say, Z Gundam, which
Chars Counterattack does, at least to fully understand everything.
Gundam Wing may also be one possibility...
> BTW, I was
>watching Monkey Magic this moring and I saw a commercial for Gundam.
        Cool! Is Monkey Magic a prime time show in the US?

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