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>Character development? You mean, why Heero and Duo decide to go for
>each other despite the fact that there is a loving Relena and an
>even more caring Hilde around? That I don't understand. Yeah, it's
>true that Heero and company may be a little psycho and all, but
>this is ridicu... err, too much.

        Uh-huh, just like people writing yuri fics involving sailormoon females
and escaflowne females -- which I've seen. so what's the diff?

>>No, the units don't play that big of a role. Most yaoi authors are female,
>>and they tend to not be interested in this aspect.
>>Yeah, that's why I said that Heero and company should've starred in
>as bishonen-ai or a shojo anime instead of a Gundam one.

        But they didn't.

>Okay, but tell me, which is more bearable to look at? A guy kissing
>another guy, or a girl kissing another girl?

        That really does depend on whose looking at it.

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