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>This is my first post to the Gundam ML, I have a little question (please
>don't get mad!) Is gundam really good?

Well... you'll just have to find out for yourself. :)

>I've heard so much talk about it!
>It's everywhere! When I go to Yaohans, GUNDAM is EVERYWHERE, even the little
>old-ladies in the tea-section watch the show!

Wow, which Yaohan do you go to? The ones around me are rather pathetic

>I've read really good reviews
>and well, the only robot related show I've ever seen was Macross and
>Evangelion (by the way what do you all think of those shows? are they
>anywhere as good as gundam?)

Macross is basically Gundam plus soap opera and aliens. Evangelion is more
character-oriented than Gundam. Think of Gundam as the Japanese-equivalent
of Star Wars.

>I've also heard/read that there is alot of series and spin-offs/OAVs to the
>show. How long has it been running?

The original TV series came out about 20 years ago. Then came the condensed
version in a movie trilogy format. After a few years of nothing happening,
a sequel came out (Zeta Gundam) in TV series format, and another sequel
(ZZ Gundam) followed, also TV series format. This culminated in the movie
Char's Counterattack at the end of the 80s, and the first Gundam OVA was
released around the same time (0080: War in the Pocket). The 90s started
with the film F-91 and OVA 0083: Stardust Memory. Then V Gundam came out
as a TV series. After that Gundam kinda went downhill with new TV series
almost every year (G, Wing, X...) without the creator's blessing or
participation anymore until now, when he returned to helm the new TV series
Turn A - the jury's still out on this one.

There has also been another OVA (The 08th MS Team) over the last 2 or 3
years, and another OVA/movie based on Wing (Endless Waltz). Right now is
the best time for a newbie to get into Gundam, because all sorts of
merchandise are being made available to commenmorate the 20th Anniversary
of Gundam.

>Is it still running in Japan? How many
>series is there? How many ep's? After every series is there a new set of

Mobile Suit Gundam TV series, about 43 episodes
MSG Movie I movie, domestically available
MSG Movie II same as above
MSG Movie III same as above
Zeta Gundam TV series, about 52 episodes?
ZZ Gundam TV series, about 52 episodes?
Char's Counterattack movie

* note a lot of returning/recurring characters from the shows above

0080 War in the Pocket OVA, 6 episodes, domestically available
F-91 movie
0083 Stardust Memory OVA, 13 episodes, domestically available
                        (a condensed movie was also made)
V Gundam TV series, about 52 episodes?

** series below are "Alternate Universe" spinoffs that do not take
   place in the Universal Century (U.C.) setting, which is the official
   Gundam universe.

G Gundam TV series, about 52 episodes?
Wing Gundam TV series, about 52 episodes?
Gundam X TV series, about 52 episodes?
Endless Waltz OVA, about 3 episodes?
                        (a condensed movie was also made)

*** thank goodness we are now back on track with U.C. shows:

The 08th MS Team OVA, about 12 episodes, + 1 epilogue episode
                        (a "new" movie was made using lots of OVA footage)
Turn A Gundam TV series, still on-going
G Savior TV special, to be released

>Where should a newbie like me, start? And where do you get GUNDAM? Is it
>avalible in the USA? Is the dub good, or should I stick with subtitled?
>Fansubs? Where is a good place to get fansubs?

Fansub discussion is discouraged on the ML. Gundam is available domestically
through www.animevillage.com or your local SunCoast video store. If they
have an Asahiya bookstore in your local Yaohan then you should be able to get
the tapes there too. Personally, I'd go with the sub. If you get dub,
you won't get the complete experience.

>Anymore questions? What's with all this yaoi talk? Are all the guys in
>Gundam gay? *innocent question!* ^_^"

Unfortunately... a few rotten apple have almost scared off potential Gundam
fans!!!! Yaoi is basically the creation of perverted Japanese sickos who
take manga and anime characters and create "fan manga" that depicts them in
homosexual situations. Obviously these are unlicensed and are a total
disrespect to the characters' integrity and violation of the intellectual
property rights of the characters' creators.

I can assure you that, as far as I know, there are no gay guys in Gundam.


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