Shinji Ikari (
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 05:20:47 GMT

This is my first post to the Gundam ML, I have a little question (please
don't get mad!) Is gundam really good? I've heard so much talk about it!
It's everywhere! When I go to Yaohans, GUNDAM is EVERYWHERE, even the little
old-ladies in the tea-section watch the show! I've read really good reviews
and well, the only robot related show I've ever seen was Macross and
Evangelion (by the way what do you all think of those shows? are they
anywhere as good as gundam?)

I've also heard/read that there is alot of series and spin-offs/OAVs to the
show. How long has it been running? Is it still running in Japan? How many
series is there? How many ep's? After every series is there a new set of

Where should a newbie like me, start? And where do you get GUNDAM? Is it
avalible in the USA? Is the dub good, or should I stick with subtitled?
Fansubs? Where is a good place to get fansubs?

Anymore questions? What's with all this yaoi talk? Are all the guys in
Gundam gay? *innocent question!* ^_^"

~Shinji Ikari

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