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>Snapdragon, this is not the YYH ML.

No, it isn't. But really, you would think you would notice the repercussions
of your actions.

>You're not a yaoi fan!? But I thought...

Let me rephrase. I do not like something because it is yaoi, and I will not
twist characters to make something yaoi. There are just a few characters
that seem to...mesh. So, yaoi or not, I judge by the story.

>Character development? You mean, why Heero and Duo decide to go for
>each other despite the fact that there is a loving Relena and an
>even more caring Hilde around? That I don't understand. Yeah, it's
>true that Heero and company may be a little psycho and all, but
>this is ridicu... err, too much.

Do you realize that you are rapidly becoming an asshole in my view? Just
because someone loves someone, doesn't mean that someone loves them back.
And I could write an entire post on what I think of Heero and Relena. But I
won't, because I already did, and if you want I will forward it to you.

And that is what you think. Many other people think that they wouldn't work.
Or they don't like Relena. Or Hilde.

As for Heero and Duo together, I don't see it as that farfetched. Just
because you don't liike something is no reason to insult it, or the people
who do like it.

>Yeah, that's why I said that Heero and company should've starred in
>as bishonen-ai or a shojo anime instead of a Gundam one.

Oh, geez, listen to yourself. There are many aspects of fandom. And don't go
thinking that all females are the same. Another gross generalization. And
also, just because someone likes something different about a series...oh,
hell.....I doubt I'll either change your mind or get you to realize, no
matter what I say...

>Okay, but tell me, which is more bearable to look at? A guy kissing
>another guy, or a girl kissing another girl?

You're being hypocritical again. Personally, I don't mind either. In fact,
if skillfully done, I would rather see....both.^^

And that is a taste that differs. Other people will answer differently.

>Um... okay. What does it say about me then?

Well, in my opinion, that you are blindly inaware of the difference between
people, you are a narrow-minded person unwilling to try and understand other
views. Also, you seem to either be a slow learner or enjoy the
attention/mail you get when you say such things.

>Just a question; why are you flaming me for this!?

I'm not flaming you, believe me. You would know if I was.

I wasn't the one who started this thread.

You continued it.

I'm just trying to say that I share the same opinion.

But you did it in a distasteful and narrow-minded manner.

And by the way, I didn't join this ML only because of yuri or only because
of GW... so don't compare me with those yaoi fans.

Please stop being so rude. "Those yaoi fans" happen to be fans of the series
too, not just the gratuitous sex between the characters.

(sarcasm, if you didn't notice)

>PS: How do you find that pic of the Nobel Gundam? Did you see it?
You know, that "sailor-gundam" they're talking about?

Wasn't able to save it. Ran out of disk space. Someone had it though.


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