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> I agree with you, yaoi writers tend to do that, and I personally do not
>like a good majority of yaoi, though I myself write some fanfics which
>do explore that possibility...but, it's freedom of speech. and as for
>their having no interest in the mecha and storyline, think of how
>Sailormoon hardcore fans think of politics and mecha. we can't say
>we're better, because it's all a matter of what audience gundam is made
>for. if we start shunning new market segments, we may alienate people
>who may, in the future, be the ones who give that little something extra
>to save a worthy gundam series from biting the dust. If they want to
>write weird stuff about Gundam pilots, then let them, it's their right
>since it is fanfic. I'm sure there are also fanfics out there which
>focus more on the mecha and storylines. or if there aren't, why not
>write some? I'm willing to take up that fact, i made
>one already, which included some shounen-ai stuff and mecha combat and a
>plausible story...what say we prove that fanfic for GW/EW isn't all
>yaoi? then that way there will be true representation as "hardcore"
>gundam fans want it.

... well, why not? At last, something new for a change. Just a
suggestion; why don't you throw in a little Dorothy/Relena, a Noin/
Dorothy, or a Sally/Noin in it? That would seem nice :)

Veilchen and Violetto

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