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>Veilchen, we went throught this on the yyhml, didn't we?
>First off, please don't go making such gross generalizations. You can't
>judge everyone by what they like and what they don't, and what they have in
>common with other people like you are.

Snapdragon, this is not the YYH ML.

>I am not a yaoi fan, I'm not anti-yaoi, so I think I have a good view of
>whole damned mess.

You're not a yaoi fan!? But I thought...

Yes, there are some people who only want them to hop into
>bed with another guy, but most of the yaoi authors I know actually put more
>emphasis on character development.

Character development? You mean, why Heero and Duo decide to go for
each other despite the fact that there is a loving Relena and an
even more caring Hilde around? That I don't understand. Yeah, it's
true that Heero and company may be a little psycho and all, but
this is ridicu... err, too much.

>No, the units don't play that big of a role. Most yaoi authors are female,
>and they tend to not be interested in this aspect.

Yeah, that's why I said that Heero and company should've starred in
as bishonen-ai or a shojo anime instead of a Gundam one.

>As for the storyline, it's hard to write within it, yaoi or not. If you are
>going to give you story a plot, an original plot, it's going to stray from
>the official story a little.

Yeah, that's true. Very true.

>As for gay relationships being disgusting, Veilchen, I would say that's
>hypocritical. Ever notice how you said you "love yuri"? Well, some people
>love yaoi. To bash either is immature.

Okay, but tell me, which is more bearable to look at? A guy kissing
another guy, or a girl kissing another girl?

>Personally, I don't mind either. So, let's reiterate.
>Generalizations are not a good way to judge.
>Most yaoi writers are female, and care more about character than plot.

Yeah... sigh...

>Hating yaoi and loving yuri is hypocritical. You can have your tastes, but
>be more aware of what your actions say about you.

Um... okay. What does it say about me then?

Just a question; why are you flaming me for this!? I wasn't the one
who started this thread. I'm just trying to say that I share the same
opinion. And by the way, I didn't join this ML only because of yuri
or only because of GW... so don't compare me with those yaoi fans.

PS: How do you find that pic of the Nobel Gundam? Did you see it?
    You know, that "sailor-gundam" they're talking about?

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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