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>AnimeVillage is going to announce new Gundam releases at Otakcon. Go to
>www.animevillage.com for more info. They have a contest about Guessing what
>new Gundam titles are coming to North America.

They're probably using the contest to get an idea of American fan interest
and ranking of said titles. My own guess is that they've already decided
on this next release and are gathering information to help them decide what
the third batch should be. Since they've already released the Gundam movie
trilogy, 0080 and 0083, I'm betting they stick with the 1YW scene and do
08th MS Team next.

I think we'll also get F91, since they've already produced it and, in fact,
showed it at a convention.

>Heres the choices to pick from for their contest:
>08th MS TEAM

If you've listed them exactly as they did, then it may be worthwhile noting
that the titles are listed in UC/Alterate timeline chronological order. I
also note that G-Saviour isn't on the list, although that may simply be
because it hasn't been released yet.

Speaking of G-Saviour, and chronological order, I've added two entries, one
of which is still speculative to my own Gundam UC timeline. G-Saviour
takes place in UC 0223, exactly 20 years after Gaia Gear, so I figure that
construction of Side 8 couldn't have begun before the MAHA-instituted Earth
Reverse Immigration Plan of 28 April 0203, but also couldn't have begun too
long thereafter. I've arbitrarily chosen June 0203 as the beginning of the
Side 8 project.

I've also tentatively placed Side 8 in L1. There are a number of reasons
for this. First, G-Saviour stringly parallels F91, which was set in the
Frontier Side (formerly Side 4) in L1. Secondly, Mark Caron resides in
Side 4 and can get to Side 8 in less than a day, which is only possible
from Side to Side within a Lagrange point. Thirdly, L1 is the closest
Lagrange point to the Earth and the only one from which both Earth and Moon
are visible simultaneously -- a key consideration for spectacular
backgrounds for the CGI.

Looking at the UC timeline, I note that Gundam has been on a "Threes" kick
for the last ten years or so. It began with Tomino, who set CCA in UC
0093, then set Hathaway's Flash ten years later, beginning the story in UC
0103. It's my belief that the story that became Gaia Gear was originally
cast as the third in a trilogy, set circa UC 0113, but then it was moved a
century after Hathaway's Flash, to UC 0203. Then he did F91, set in UC
0123. Sidestep to the non-Tomino Gundam 0083. Back to Tomino for V
Gundam, set in UC 0153. Now comes G-Saviour, set in UC 0223, a century
after F91.


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