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> Well... I'm still with her on this... personally, I share the same
> opinion about yaoi. Maybe GW was meant in such a way, but these
> yaoi fans have the habit of zapping every bishonen in sight into gays.
> One thing I hate about it is that most of these GW fans
> seem to have no interest with the Gundam units or the storyline,
> only the fact that there are these 5 bishonen who's perfect for
> their own little whims. That's the way I see things about it, and I hate
> it. If it's gonna be this way, I guess Heero and company would be better
> off starring in a bishonen-ai story rather than in a Gundam one.
> Veilchen the Thunderangel

        I agree with you, yaoi writers tend to do that, and I personally do not
like a good majority of yaoi, though I myself write some fanfics which
do explore that possibility...but, it's freedom of speech. and as for
their having no interest in the mecha and storyline, think of how
Sailormoon hardcore fans think of politics and mecha. we can't say
we're better, because it's all a matter of what audience gundam is made
for. if we start shunning new market segments, we may alienate people
who may, in the future, be the ones who give that little something extra
to save a worthy gundam series from biting the dust. If they want to
write weird stuff about Gundam pilots, then let them, it's their right
since it is fanfic. I'm sure there are also fanfics out there which
focus more on the mecha and storylines. or if there aren't, why not
write some? I'm willing to take up that fact, i made
one already, which included some shounen-ai stuff and mecha combat and a
plausible story...what say we prove that fanfic for GW/EW isn't all
yaoi? then that way there will be true representation as "hardcore"
gundam fans want it.

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