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>Well... I'm still with her on this... personally, I share the same
>opinion about yaoi. Maybe GW was meant in such a way, but these
>yaoi fans have the habit of zapping every bishonen in sight into gays.
>One thing I hate about it is that most of these GW fans
>seem to have no interest with the Gundam units or the storyline,
>only the fact that there are these 5 bishonen who's perfect for
>their own little whims. That's the way I see things about it, and I hate
>it. If it's gonna be this way, I guess Heero and company would be better
>off starring in a bishonen-ai story rather than in a Gundam one.
>Veilchen the Thunderangel

Veilchen, we went throught this on the yyhml, didn't we?

First off, please don't go making such gross generalizations. You can't
judge everyone by what they like and what they don't, and what they have in
common with other people like you are.

I am not a yaoi fan, I'm not anti-yaoi, so I think I have a good view of the
whole damned mess. Yes, there are some people who only want them to hop into
bed with another guy, but most of the yaoi authors I know actually put more
emphasis on character development.

No, the units don't play that big of a role. Most yaoi authors are female,
and they tend to not be interested in this aspect.

As for the storyline, it's hard to write within it, yaoi or not. If you are
going to give you story a plot, an original plot, it's going to stray from
the official story a little.

As for gay relationships being disgusting, Veilchen, I would say that's
hypocritical. Ever notice how you said you "love yuri"? Well, some people
love yaoi. To bash either is immature.

Personally, I don't mind either. So, let's reiterate.

Generalizations are not a good way to judge.

Most yaoi writers are female, and care more about character than plot.

Hating yaoi and loving yuri is hypocritical. You can have your tastes, but
be more aware of what your actions say about you.


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