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> > sheesh... what are you guys? sick?!? who would ever dream up of a
> > relationship with the same sex? people who like *gay* relationships
> > are really, really
> > sick... it's like, yuckie, eeww, and all that... and besides they're
> > still young-- 15...
> > and another thing, yaoi fics totally ruin the personality and
> > reputation of the character
> > that was projected by the writers and producers of the series...
> > and i'm sorry to say this, but some of the plots are sooo shallow and
> > corny (may i add)
> > and too yuckie, people who write those things about guys having sex
> > with another
> > guy are the ones who are sick and depressed in life... (i think) and
> > will the writers
> > please check their grammar and spelling before publishing a page? for
> > god's sake it's really
> > annoying!! (god!! gay-lovers all over the list!!)
> Excuse me, but these characters were created with that sort of
>appeal in mind, and PLEASE do not spread your opinions of how other
>people do things if all you're gonna do is bash. it kinda reflects on
>how little you reflect on how you look to other people who might find
>you to be exactly as you find them. Unless that was your intention in
>the first place.
> I agree that maybe the more personal mail should go to private
>e-mail correspondence, but using GW, or any gundam series as a jump-off
>for gaybashing is utterly crude and tasteless. I hope you understand
>that what you just did pretty much was out of line, more so than what
>the people whom you hate did.
> enough of that. back to gundam related stuff.

Well... I'm still with her on this... personally, I share the same
opinion about yaoi. Maybe GW was meant in such a way, but these
yaoi fans have the habit of zapping every bishonen in sight into gays.
One thing I hate about it is that most of these GW fans
seem to have no interest with the Gundam units or the storyline,
only the fact that there are these 5 bishonen who's perfect for
their own little whims. That's the way I see things about it, and I hate
it. If it's gonna be this way, I guess Heero and company would be better
off starring in a bishonen-ai story rather than in a Gundam one.

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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