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>Well, to me, anyone who has an interest in Gundam kits and has more than 8
>kits are collectors. Richard Ramos sure is a good collector, quoting an
>example(Hope you don't mind me using your name, Richard). Can I ask Richard
>a few questions? How did you keep track of the number of models you have?
>How do you keep them in your house? Mine are all over the room, makes me
>feel that my room is more like a garage. I never had a chance to count the
>number of models I have, so maybe around 141 Gundam kits, 34 BB Gundam, 10
>EVA, 10 Macross, 7 Patlabor, 35 Zoids, not to forget a few cars,
>motorcycles, planes, ships and tanks. All these are estimates figures, never
>know if I've hidden some and forgot all about them. And of course, 90% of
>them are not fixed, still mint in their box. It will take me years to put
>them together. And not a single resin kit(not really, just remember I had a
>Patlabor one, but don't know where I placed it). I find resin and vinyl kits
>too expensive, and rare in Singapore. So if there's anyone out there who's
>trying to get rid of any kit at a low price, mail me.

well, i myself had lotsa undone kits...most of them gundams..have some
resin kits and vinyls too...though never had really like vinyl kits....ever
thought of gettin rid of some of yur gundam looking for some of
the older ones...give mi a private mail if u r interested

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