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> > I was wondering, could everyone try to turn off their HTML
> > whenever they send a message to the list? I realize that it may be
> > primitive for me to continue to use a mail reader such as Pine, but
> > of your messages come out looking like what you see below. Z has
> > this same non-HTML request in the past, but I think several n
> Same thing happens and I use AOL. I wish AOL would upgrade their mail
> program. I would use another program, but I am the only one that
doesn't want
> to stay on AOL, in my family.

It isn't a matter of AOL upgrading their email program. For once, AOL has
taken the right step and kept their email program standard. The problem
that the newer email programs and programmers don't seem to realize that
HTML is supposed to be for webpages *ONLY*, not for sending email. So
it is cute to be able to send your friends messages in different colors,
it is not
acceptable when sending mail to the general public.

So, for those of you who are using Netscape, IE*, or Outlook (in any of
incarnations), go into your preferences *NOW* and switch your program
to send only text messages. That will make everyone happy all around.


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