Sat, 26 Jun 1999 00:22:31 EDT

> Probe's review is what made me buy the Hime. I hope Bandai releases more of
> the Brain Powerd mecha like the Hime kit, even if the show didn't do too
> well. Didn't the pics from last years Shizuoka show two or three
> Bandai Brain Powerd kits? The Brain Powerd mecha are different, but cool.
> The Hime kit could make a good base to customize it into an alien robot or
> creature. I think I'll buy another one and see what I can come up with. It'
> ll
> be fun!

Hmm....I guess I can chop off some of the large ears of the robot, add some
extra armor on the legs and arms(Probably have to scratch built this..), give
it some FSS weapons like the swords of the LED Mirage or something...that
should be real fun. I want to paint the Hime robot a different color scheme
too, the original color is not exactly great. as for the other kits, wasn't
there a B-Clud kit of the main Brainpowerd robot?

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