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> Actually Probe gave a pretty good review on the kit later after Mark
> convinced him to take another look, and from what I read of the review on
> Probe's Page it was a rather nice and different design of a model.
> I actually plan to get the Hime kit and do some major modifications
> to make it look more FSSish style....

Probe's review is what made me buy the Hime. I hope Bandai releases more of
the Brain Powerd mecha like the Hime kit, even if the show didn't do too
well. Didn't the pics from last years Shizuoka show two or three different
Bandai Brain Powerd kits? The Brain Powerd mecha are different, but cool.
The Hime kit could make a good base to customize it into an alien robot or
creature. I think I'll buy another one and see what I can come up with. It'll
be fun!


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