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> To be somewhat on topic, I just ordered
> the Turn A kit. I'll let everyone know what its like, from someone who
> doesn't paint, unless a piece is, for example, blue that needs to be
> to match the pictures on the box.
> Aaron

I've built my Turn A with no intention on painting it. I always like to build
the first one without any additions, so I can see what I would like change on
it, then build the second the way I want it to look. Or I just buy 5 or 6 to
use as bad guys or mass produced good guy units for table top gaming. In
table top, if you don't have to paint it, you've count your cost in half.
Anyway, I like the Turn A. I've always kept a positive outlook on it, and I'm
pleased with how the model looks. I actually can't wait to get my Flats! Now
those look so horrible, I'm going to have to get at least 6 to use as
Ultra-Bad Guy Mecha.


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