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> Hmm... I remember Probe bitching about how the kit didn't come with polycaps
> and therefore it sucked. He didn't even build the kit IIRC!

Only poly caps for the knees and the shoulder guards, but the joints snapped
into place during construction and are very tight, but moveable. Its a great
kit, but the robot is gangly looking, it reminds me of a goblin! I really
like the design for some reason, though. The knees, elbows, and shoulders and
feet, are all ball joints. The plastic that these joints are made of, is a
hard plastic. I doubt the joints will ever loosen that much, even though its
plastic on plastic joints. Its a very sturdy and stable, for a model kit. I
figure it could survive a small fall from a shelf onto carpet, with breaking.
I highly recommand this kit, if you like the design or want something
different then usually mecha. Bandai could have made great kits of the
Escaflowne mecha, IMO after building the Hime, Bandai sure has great
designers for some kits.


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