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Fri, 25 Jun 1999 16:20:42 -0500 (CDT)

I was wondering, could everyone try to turn off their HTML formatting
whenever they send a message to the list? I realize that it may be
primitive for me to continue to use a mail reader such as Pine, but some
of your messages come out looking like what you see below. Z has made
this same non-HTML request in the past, but I think several new people
have joined since then and don't know any better.

Thai Vo

On Fri, 25 Jun 1999, anna wrote:

> <!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
> <html>
> <body text="#000000" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" link="#0000EE" vlink="#551A8B" alink="#FF0000">
> man, this mailing list is turning out to be a real bummer...
> <br>lots os freaky things...
> <br>it was okay for me before when people stood up for gundam wing and
> all...
> <br>but this is really, really ridiculous... really getting boring and
> corny...
> <br>i'm starting to get freaked by this upcoming gw fans and yaoi (yuckie)
> fans...
> <br>not that i'm discriminating people or anything-- but will you keep
> it down to important
> <br>things... i mean the NOT so personal things...
> <br>we don't need to hear about some people wanting to do yaoi fanfics
> or
> <br>people talking to each other mainly-- not the whole group...
> <br>so if it's only between two persons... will you just send it privately?
> <br>and this double sending of mail is irritating and it takes time to
> get from some
> <br>people's servers... oh and can the overacting please stop? i'm really
> not the
> <br>person who can tolerate the overacting of SOME people...
> <br>by the way-- if there are lots of gw ml's around, why not go there
> and discuss
> <br>your little gw gibberish-- i'm not saying you should leave this list
> but you should
> <br>just post your not so important gw stuff over there not here... gw
> is accepted here
> <br>but not to the extent of what's happening now... this is an ALL gundam
> list--
> <br>not concentrated on gundam WING...
> <p>umm... i'm not putting this up to offend anybody, this is just my personal
> opinion =)
> <br>-
> <br>--
> <br>---
> <br>----
> <br>-----
> <br>sheesh... what are you guys? sick?!? who would ever dream up of a
> <br>relationship with the same sex? people who like *gay* relationships
> are really, really
> <br>sick... it's like, yuckie, eeww, and all that... and besides they're
> still young-- 15...
> <br>and another thing, yaoi fics totally ruin the personality and reputation
> of the character
> <br>that was projected by the writers and producers of the series...
> <br>and i'm sorry to say this, but some of the plots are sooo shallow and
> corny (may i add)
> <br>and too yuckie, people who write those things about guys having sex
> with another
> <br>guy are the ones who are sick and depressed in life... (i think) and
> will the writers
> <br>please check their grammar and spelling before publishing a page? for
> god's sake it's really
> <br>annoying!!&nbsp; (god!! gay-lovers all over the list!!)
> <br>&nbsp;
> <br>&nbsp;
> <br>&nbsp;
> <p>that was nice...
> <br>atlast i got out what i was thinking!!
> <br>cya peoplezz =)
> <br>&nbsp;
> </body>
> </html>
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