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> I know that the "final" episode for 08 MS Team is
> not releaseed yet, but how come the Chinese VCDs (I
> think the final disk are from Taiwan) actually had
> that episode? From what I heard, it seems to be the
> "real" one too

the set i have in HK certainly does not contain
epi#12, and at the end of epi#11 there is a 30 sec
teaser for the July (this summer) release of epi#12.
None of ppl I know who own the 08 disc set have that
as well.

> Does that mean that the episode is already finish,
> and they are just trying to "pass" the time before
> releasing it?

the gap between epi 11 (this April) & 12 (this July)
is 3 months, and the previous time gap between each
volumes are about 9-12 months, so by the time we saw
epi 11, epi 12 is already been made, & only for the
final editing, packaging, PR, etc.

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