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I always build all my kits from a current order, before I order new kits, I
can't stand having unbuilt kits laying around! :) They call to me to build
them:) I suggest you buy Bandai's Hime Brain Powerd plastic, if you like the
design. Its very poseable and has very tight joints and is a breeze to build.
Does anyone know if Bandai's going to have more plastic kits of other Brain
Powerd mecha/organic creatures or what ever they are? I have heard a lot of
negitve of about the show, but haven't seen it. I really like the Brain
Powerd mecha, at least the Hime one. To be somewhat on topic, I just ordered
the Turn A kit. I'll let everyone know what its like, from someone who
doesn't paint, unless a piece is, for example, blue that needs to be yellow
to match the pictures on the box.


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> Well, to me, anyone who has an interest in Gundam kits and has more than 8
> kits are collectors. Richard Ramos sure is a good collector, quoting an
> example(Hope you don't mind me using your name, Richard). Can I ask Richard
> a few questions? How did you keep track of the number of models you have?
> How do you keep them in your house? Mine are all over the room, makes me
> feel that my room is more like a garage. I never had a chance to count the
> number of models I have, so maybe around 141 Gundam kits, 34 BB Gundam, 10
> EVA, 10 Macross, 7 Patlabor, 35 Zoids, not to forget a few cars,
> motorcycles, planes, ships and tanks. All these are estimates figures,
> know if I've hidden some and forgot all about them. And of course, 90% of
> them are not fixed, still mint in their box. It will take me years to put
> them together. And not a single resin kit(not really, just remember I had a
> Patlabor one, but don't know where I placed it). I find resin and vinyl
> too expensive, and rare in Singapore. So if there's anyone out there who's
> trying to get rid of any kit at a low price, mail me.

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