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> sheesh... what are you guys? sick?!? who would ever dream up of a
> relationship with the same sex? people who like *gay* relationships
> are really, really
> sick... it's like, yuckie, eeww, and all that... and besides they're
> still young-- 15...
> and another thing, yaoi fics totally ruin the personality and
> reputation of the character
> that was projected by the writers and producers of the series...
> and i'm sorry to say this, but some of the plots are sooo shallow and
> corny (may i add)
> and too yuckie, people who write those things about guys having sex
> with another
> guy are the ones who are sick and depressed in life... (i think) and
> will the writers
> please check their grammar and spelling before publishing a page? for
> god's sake it's really
> annoying!! (god!! gay-lovers all over the list!!)

    Excuse me, but these characters were created with that sort of
appeal in mind, and PLEASE do not spread your opinions of how other
people do things if all you're gonna do is bash. it kinda reflects on
how little you reflect on how you look to other people who might find
you to be exactly as you find them. Unless that was your intention in
the first place.
    I agree that maybe the more personal mail should go to private
e-mail correspondence, but using GW, or any gundam series as a jump-off
for gaybashing is utterly crude and tasteless. I hope you understand
that what you just did pretty much was out of line, more so than what
the people whom you hate did.

    enough of that. back to gundam related stuff.

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