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> > I'll see that you see some Pics, Richie. But you'll get to do more than
> that,
> > My
> > Zeon friend... (It's a G0085: ROTT design...)
> Cool! Hey Chris, I have that Powered GM I talked to you about. It's a 1/220
> resin kit that I'm going to "Full Vernien" into the RGM-79-fb GM Duster
> design I sent you. At 1/220 scale, my Duster should match up pretty well to
> the height of your Assault GM.
> SJ

    Hmmmmm...maybe I should take pics of the weird ones I have and send it to
you...most of them would fit the 0085 time era. like the Zaku UrShock, the
Zaku FZ/Heavy Weapons, the Zaku Commander, The Doms with the gatlings, the
NT1/Assault, and two more zakus am kitbashing...and the kampfer special of

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