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> > I didn't think of it that way; my idea was to pack
> > a dom with as much weaponry as possible without
> > making it keel over in stress.
> Know what you mean, and Kampfer loading in 0080 is
> well-balanced. I think your loading plan on RDII is
> pretty well thought of, too.

    I hope so...and I don't want it too confusing for the pilot...the
last thing we need is the pilot getting killed because he had too many
weapons in mind...

> > Seeing as to how that can be done, I might also have
> > to bash a gouf flight type's legs onto it, or maybe
> > something like that...I want to make it look big,
> > nasty and FAST.
> Alright, here comes the Dom Flight Type!!

    Well, In the case of the Dom, more like a Dom Hover type...

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