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Well, Z you right, the dendrobium is more like a flower. The Dendrobium
stamen isn't just one of the "stamen", this dendrobium got a lot of stamen
inside the big thing ( which would be it's mine and missiles )


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>>While we're at it, it's most likely supposed to be "Orchid", after the
>>flower, not Orchis, since Stamen itself is a floral term. Just a routine
>>problem with English-Japanese Japanese-English translation(anybody ever
>>hear of Japenglish?)..
>No, not this time. It's "Orchis" -- a correct rendering of the genus,
>which is a Latin word derived from the the Greek word for, believe it or
>not, testicle. (Orchids, like pomegranates and apples and figs, have a
>long history of association with sexuality in general and human gentalia in
>Orchids are any of large family of perennial epiphytic or terrestrial
>monocotyledonous plants of the genus Orchis, family Orchidaceć. They
>usually have showy three-petaled flowers with the middle petal enlarged
>into a lip and differing from the others in shape and color.
>All of the Gundam 0083 RX-78GP series, including the GP-derived AGX-04, are
>named for Orchis orchidaceć: Zephyranthes, Physalis, Dendrobium and
>Gerbera. The RX-78GP-03S Stamen is so named because, when combined with
>the Orchis armed base to form the RX-78GP-03 Dendrobium, it's size and
>position are such that appears to be the stamen of the Dendrobium
>To recapitulate:
>RX-78GP-01 = Gundam Zephyranthes
>RX-78GP-02 = Gundam Physalis
>RX-78GP-03 = Gundam Dendrobium = RX-78GP-03S Gundam Stamen + Orchis armed
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