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>> Anymore good kit-bash ideas?
> I don't know if you'd call them good...
> ... I've got two ideas for Zaku-I kit bashes.
> The first is simply mounting the Zaku-I torso
> of the Zaku-II on the Zaku Tank(after all, it's the
> Zaku-I that became obsolete during the OYW).

this idea has already been used in "The 08th MS Team"
OVA, where the MS-06V Zaku Tank is almost what you're
thinking of, w/ both humanoid arms replaced by the
hydraulic crane grabbing-arms, + concrete 'weights'
are located at the back to make ZT a 100% utility

> The other idea is a little more involved, and
> involves getting my hands on a Zaku-1 (the Master
> Grade would be nice, but the regular 1/100 would

skip the ungraded 1:100 old kits, they are terrible.

> The idea is to turn it into a "Desert Sniper"
> version, with modifications to the joints and rocket
> pack for desert conditions, wider feet, & desert
> camo.

You'll need to add a pair air-cushions for the feet
(similar to 0083's Dom Tropen), or a pair jet skis
(like ZZ/MSV's Desert Zaku) so it can hover around on
the sand.

> Most important, however, would be the weaponry. I'd
> include the Heat-Hawk and(ideally)the punch-shield,
> but the particular fearture of the kit-bash would be

> a Beam Gun, ideally one of the old Gelgoog guns with
> the stock replaced by a cable hook-up. The idea is
> that while it wouldn't be practical to improve the
> generator output on the obsolete Zaku-I, it could
> certainly drag a cable from a transport's power
> supply (this is a BLATANT rip-off of the recent
> Japan GM Sniper).

Beef up the backpack so the MS looks like it has
powerful generator. As for the beam gun, you can try
bashing it w/ a WWII style sniper rifle. That's what
the mecha designers of 0080 originally intended for GM
Sniper II, but never materialized.

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