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> I was saying to bash the gatling w/o the shield, i.e.
> to cut the gun away from the shield & its (fixed)
> metal frame, & DIY a gatling similar to what we saw in
> "Predator" and "Terminator II", but I guess that's A
> LOT of work and a little too harsh...
> anyway, it's nice to see the gatling shield actually
> fits on RDII ! since it' on right arm now instead of
> left, refitting the ammo drum is needed.

    Actually, it could be done, since the whole gatling assembly
technically is a separate piece from the shield....I just want the shield
there. As for the drum, it should be easy to relocate to the inner side
of the shield/gun array....there, it is protected by both the shield and
the gun. and no need for the ammo feed, technically.

> > 3) the rocket hands of the gouf are perfect for
> > the Dom's polycapped wrist.
> Boy, that useless hand! but it'll be very interesting
> to see it on Dom: left arm w/ the finger cannon hand,
> & right arm w/ gatling shield. A very mean killing
> machine!
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> Colin Liu.

    It is, trust now making support brackets at the back so i can
hang the standard bazooka there.

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    They were probably watching him with a bad subtitling thing.

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