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>> You mean the 3-barrel forearm-mounted vulcan gun,
>> right? what a lovely idea! Besides that, i also
>> think the gatling gun (w/o the shield) will be a
>> great addition to Dom, considering Dom's, let alone
>> 0080's Rick Dom II, performance is far superior
>> 08mst's Gouf Custom. Maybe you can bash that
>> gatling (need to extend the stock, find a way to
>> include the ammo drum + a firing hand grip shown on
>> B-Club's 1:100 Gouf Custom, etc) onto ur RDII. will
>> be a lot of work, but it'll be really cool. I'm a
>> bit tired of seeing Dom w/ the hyper bazooka,
>> although i'm more receptive to the 90mm Tommy Gun.
> I just finished it....encountered a few problems
> and realizations....
> 2) you can actually mount the gatling, shield and
> all on the RIGHT arm,

I was saying to bash the gatling w/o the shield, i.e.
to cut the gun away from the shield & its (fixed)
metal frame, & DIY a gatling similar to what we saw in
"Predator" and "Terminator II", but I guess that's A
LOT of work and a little too harsh...

anyway, it's nice to see the gatling shield actually
fits on RDII ! since it' on right arm now instead of
left, refitting the ammo drum is needed.

> 3) the rocket hands of the gouf are perfect for
> the Dom's polycapped wrist.

Boy, that useless hand! but it'll be very interesting
to see it on Dom: left arm w/ the finger cannon hand,
& right arm w/ gatling shield. A very mean killing

Colin Liu.
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