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>While we're at it, it's most likely supposed to be "Orchid", after the
>flower, not Orchis, since Stamen itself is a floral term. Just a routine
>problem with English-Japanese Japanese-English translation(anybody ever
>hear of Japenglish?)..

No, not this time. It's "Orchis" -- a correct rendering of the genus,
which is a Latin word derived from the the Greek word for, believe it or
not, testicle. (Orchids, like pomegranates and apples and figs, have a
long history of association with sexuality in general and human gentalia in

Orchids are any of large family of perennial epiphytic or terrestrial
monocotyledonous plants of the genus Orchis, family Orchidaceć. They
usually have showy three-petaled flowers with the middle petal enlarged
into a lip and differing from the others in shape and color.

All of the Gundam 0083 RX-78GP series, including the GP-derived AGX-04, are
named for Orchis orchidaceć: Zephyranthes, Physalis, Dendrobium and
Gerbera. The RX-78GP-03S Stamen is so named because, when combined with
the Orchis armed base to form the RX-78GP-03 Dendrobium, it's size and
position are such that appears to be the stamen of the Dendrobium "flower"….

To recapitulate:

RX-78GP-01 = Gundam Zephyranthes
RX-78GP-02 = Gundam Physalis
RX-78GP-03 = Gundam Dendrobium = RX-78GP-03S Gundam Stamen + Orchis armed base


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