Raiutenshi Violetto (raitenshi@hotmail.com)
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 02:40:25 GMT

I've got a couple of questions regarding different characters from
different anime...

GW Endless Waltz
Did Wufei fell in-love with Treize's sister? Sorry, I just can't
imagine seeing him ending up with Sally Po.

Shin Getta Robo;
Is Hayato (the Getter 2 pilot) a cop? I've seen only two episodes
and it's in Japanese w/ Chinese subtitle... I was somehow able to
tell a lot from it though. Well... Ryuuma looks like a fugitive,
Musashi looks like a soldier, and Hayato looks like a cop... is

Time Bokan
What happened to Marjo/Majo, Gurokkey, and Walsar in the ending?
Who are those look-alikes that took over in the TB sequels?

Cyborg 009
What happened to the cyborgs in the ending? Particularly to 009
and 003.

Tekkaman Blade
Can someone give me more info about Shinya/Tekkaman Evil? What
happened to him in the story? Does he also have that time limit


Violetto the Storm Angel

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