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Tabby wrote:

> >well actually, no. The MS and weapons bay combo gives us the Dendrobium.
> >The Dendrobium is a *type* of orchid. *Orchis* on the other hand is the
> >genus (title) for any orchid flower.
> Ah well, I see things like this all the time, I'm bound to wrong on some of
> them.

heh, perhaps I am being too harsh on you ^^; In any case, the name 'orhis'
given to the weapons bay IMHO is kinda dumb, and it is trivial(?) knowledge
that the flower is any part except the stem. SO really, the 'orchis' should
apply to the MS + weapons bay combo. I getting too pendantic...stop me NOW!!
  The weapons bay by itself should really be called 'petals', hahahaha, but
perhaps that sounds to *ahem* 'girly'. Now thta's just plain silly...stop me!!

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