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> Kit-bashing is a time-honoured tradition for Gundam models. Back in the 80s
> professional-quality kit-bashes were the mainstay of Hobby Japan, and they
> were the whole impetus behind Sentinel Gundam(hmm, what would ZZ Gundam
> look like if it were done by modelers...). My first *completed* kit was an
> S-Gundam with a midnight-blue-on-blue paintjob and a stripped-down cannon.
> My first Rick-DomII(0080)has a beam sabre, just 'cuz I though it looked
> better than the bazooka it couldn't hold(my second RDII had a Kampfer
> Shotgun, but was subsquently destroyed by a rampaging cat).

    Hmmmm...The most common modification I've done is the conversion of zakus
from one spiked shoulder to two. pretty easy, really, one just needs a good
sprue cutter and a superglue and the sprue itself.
    Weapons-swapping is very common, and the reason why certain kits are very
much prized...Kampfer, Geara Doga, 08ms GM, 08ms Gouf, and a few others.
    right now, for example, am drilling a hole into the arm of a RickDom 0080
version so that I can plug the 08ms gouf Vulcan cannon into it.

> Kit-bashing is one of the reasons I'm leery of MG and PG kits. The Zeta and
> ZZ kits were perfect for kit-bashing, well made, good articulation, but
> with fairly simple construction and no real internal detail. High Grades
> interfere drastically with kit bashing(I'm still not sure how I'm gonna
> rebuild the Musha MKII), and the Master and Perfect Grades make me think
> they'll make modification impossible(though I don't own any yet).

    On the contrary, in certain respects, it's easier, since a lot of the MG
kits have the same polycaps for general stuff, thus making it easier to
standardize...unlike using MSV stuff, where you might have to do a lot of
reworking before it works.

> As far as official versions go, forget it. Look at 8th MS, War In The
> Pocket, and Stardust Memories, their mecha designers felt no such
> restraints, revising or re-inventing historical MS to justify the new
> designs for the OVA models(Kampfer or Gerbera Tetra, anyone?). And even
> before the OVAs, Bandai had the MSV series, none of which were really
> canonical until they showed up in later animation. Besides, there have been
> dozens of Zaku variations in modelling magazines, and there are more every
> year. The only place a design is "official" is when it's being animated. If
> it's a model you plan to spend a good amount of time building, feel free to
> do whatever you want with it.
> Tabby

    Spoken like a true modeller! long live kit modification!

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