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>Like the Heavyarms conversion I mentioned before, did the modeler just
>make that up out of the blue or was it an existing design from somewhere?
>I don't know. I just feel like I'm detracting from the essential
>Gundamness of the kits if I make something new. It doesn't feel Official,
>if you take my meaning. Does that sound weird? *sighs and heads off to

Kit-bashing is a time-honoured tradition for Gundam models. Back in the 80s
professional-quality kit-bashes were the mainstay of Hobby Japan, and they
were the whole impetus behind Sentinel Gundam(hmm, what would ZZ Gundam
look like if it were done by modelers...). My first *completed* kit was an
S-Gundam with a midnight-blue-on-blue paintjob and a stripped-down cannon.
My first Rick-DomII(0080)has a beam sabre, just 'cuz I though it looked
better than the bazooka it couldn't hold(my second RDII had a Kampfer
Shotgun, but was subsquently destroyed by a rampaging cat).

Kit-bashing is one of the reasons I'm leery of MG and PG kits. The Zeta and
ZZ kits were perfect for kit-bashing, well made, good articulation, but
with fairly simple construction and no real internal detail. High Grades
interfere drastically with kit bashing(I'm still not sure how I'm gonna
rebuild the Musha MKII), and the Master and Perfect Grades make me think
they'll make modification impossible(though I don't own any yet).

As far as official versions go, forget it. Look at 8th MS, War In The
Pocket, and Stardust Memories, their mecha designers felt no such
restraints, revising or re-inventing historical MS to justify the new
designs for the OVA models(Kampfer or Gerbera Tetra, anyone?). And even
before the OVAs, Bandai had the MSV series, none of which were really
canonical until they showed up in later animation. Besides, there have been
dozens of Zaku variations in modelling magazines, and there are more every
year. The only place a design is "official" is when it's being animated. If
it's a model you plan to spend a good amount of time building, feel free to
do whatever you want with it.


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