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>> Luna Two was formerly the asteroid 1804 Juno, the third asteroid ever
>Interesting! Was it mined to that weird shape? Or does the real 1804
>Juno looks that funny?

As near as I can tell, they just traced one of the blurry file photos of
Juno and drew in some lighted ports and other paraphernalia over it. If
Luna Two was used to supply building materials for the colonies, all of the
material must've come from the interior as they hollowed the place out for
a habitat. Of the first four asteroids discovered, Juno is the most
irregular in shape. The other three -- 1 Ceres, 2 Pallas and 4 Vesta --
are almost spherical and look very much like the Moon. They're also two to
four times the size of Juno: 914 km (568 miles), 522 km (315 miles) and 500
km (311 miles), respectively.

By the way, I was in error as to the Juno's numerical designation. I
thought asteroids were catalogued by their date of discovery, but that's
only used as a provisional designation until the object's identity and
orbit is confirmed. At that point, it is redesignated with a sequential
number indicating order of addition to the catalogue. For example, the
(relatively) recently discovered compound asteroid (two rocks fused
together, resembling a dumbbell) in the Apollo swarm was originally
designated 1989 PB and later named 4769 Castalia.

As the third asteroid discovered, the correct numerical designation is 3 Juno.

>> Solar System II was composed of only 400,000 mirrors, a tenth as many as
>> the original, each of which measured 20 by 30 meters (66 by 98 feet).
>Hmmm I seem to remember a mirror in 0083 is a bit bigger than a Salamis,
>or was I seeing things?

I just dug out the reference book -- Gundam 0083, Volume 3 (5.1.1993,
Keibunsha, Product Code 63552-84, no ISBN) -- and I actually had the size
too large. It says here on page 80 that each mirror is 30 meters by 15
meters, not 20. It also says that the full mirror array is 36 km (22.4
miles) by 21 km (13 miles).

So there you have it.


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